CJFLCCCoalition Joint Forces Land Component Command
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After spending the day with Staff Lieutenant General al-Lami, I would typically report insights to the CJFLCC commander using a limited flag officer email distribution in order to help inform our nested, multiechelon engagement across the team of teams.
We were empowered for dramatically decentralized operations because we kept the CJTF and CJFLCC commanders' intents front of mind always, using the already discussed five ideas to guide our decisionmaking and activities.
In fact, we frequently helped the CJTF or CJFLCC commanders be our finishers.
In fact, during these periods, our partners only occasionally felt compelled to call us with essential updates, so we relied heavily on the CJFLCC commander and senior staff in Baghdad to help us posture our A&A capabilities.
As we departed, CJFLCC was organizing a medical evacuation architecture without absolute certainty of ISF intentions.
Ill Corps filled the CJFLCC headquarters role for all three exercises.
According to Joint Publication (JP) 3-10, Joint Security Operations in Theater, and JP 3-31, Command and Control for Joint Land Operations, if the CJFLCC is responsible for the JSA, it may establish a joint security coordination center.
The potential need was identified for an additional MEB to enable the CJFLCC to divide responsibilities, assigning one MEB to the CSA and another MEB to the JSA.
The change to the total Army analysis and the elevation of the echelon of military police forces allocated to each commander will enable brigades and divisions to assess local security forces and provide security to the population, while the CJFLCC develops priorities for building partner capacity.
1 priority for every CJFLCC commander, the protection commander's update served as the forum that the BCT commander used to communicate force protection guidance.
Subsequent missions included serving as the CJFLCC ground reaction force, logistics patrol escort, advisor escort, and static security force.