CJINICriminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland (UK)
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Four years ago CJINI highlighted a number of concerns, including the treatment of prisoners and the cost effectiveness of the Service.
In this report CJINI has recognised the major advances made by PECCS in areas such as the provision of separate escort facilities for female prisoners and staff engagement with prisoners.
The follow up report from CJINI also noted that the introduction of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Parole Commissioners and the NICTS would help clarify the boundaries of their respective roles following PCNI s transfer to the NICTS in May 2012.
The CJINI found that of 1,300 recommendations made in previous surveys, 600 remained outstanding.
In 2012, Justice Minister David Ford asked CJINI to undertake a review of the current and projected cost and impact of dealing with the past across criminal justice agencies to better inform political and public debate.
CJINI Chief Inspector Dr Michael Maguire said urgent action is needed to bring the facility up to the standards expected of a 21st century prison.
David Ford said: This is a positive report confirming practices within approved premises have advanced and working relationships strengthened since the last CJINI report in July 2008.