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CJKChinese Japanese Korean (Unicode UTF-8 encoding standard for Asian character set)
CJKChinese Japanese Korean
CJKCreutzfeld-Jakob-Krankheit (German: Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease)
CJKChinesisch Japanisch Koreanisch (German: Chinese Japanese Korean; encoding standard)
CJKChinois, Japonais et Coréen (French: Chinese, Japanese and Korean; languages)
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Regarding the little progress in CJK FTA negotiations due to political conflicts among the three, some argued that they should start whatever they could do first without political difficulties, such as rules on e-commerce, reflecting the increasing importance of FinTech and business-to-business cooperation through the Internet, rather than rules on tariffs, a traditional type of trade liberalization.
However, the task of reaching an FTA among the CJK poses the fundamental obstacle in both scenarios.
Whether non-roman scripts are input into the cataloging record: At the time of the ASCS discussions, OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, a cooperative online catalog of 53,548 libraries and institutions in 96 countries) accommodated vernacular script input for only CJK and Arabic script records, and these required two separate systems, apart from the OCLC Passport system used by the other catalogers.
The CJK version will handle the 40,000 distinct character glyphs used in Chinese and Japanese (reading from left to right, top to bottom, or both) and the complex typographical requirements of Japanese (including Hiragana, Katakana, and Rubi).
au character sets Use for local ads AltaVista Asiawide Diacritics & CJK http://altavista.
Air conditioner production includes seven different front, side, and access panels, for five models of the CJK units.
Support for all font formats, including Font Fusion's proprietary stroke-based CJK fonts
Hooda PS, Henry CJK, Seyoum TA, Armstrong LDM and MB Fowler The potential impact of geophagia on the bioavailability of iron, zinc and calcium in human nutrition.
Russell RCG, William NS, Bulstrods CJK, The anus and anal.
This OCLC RetroCon project will enhance the richness of the CJK [Chinese, Japanese, and Korean] collection in WorldCat (the OCLC Online Union Catalog), thereby enabling researchers beyond the Yale campus to discover and gain access to these valuable materials.