CJMTKCommercial Joint Mapping Toolkit
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The route planning tools available within CJMTK are particularly applicable to the Tactical Ground Reporting System.
By using the best of government and industry architecture, the CJMTK program will provide the necessary linkage to transition geospatial information into user platforms.
CJMTK is available through three major licensing options:
Option 2, for the extended user community, is available to users who do not qualify as members of the C2I community but want to be interoperable with the CJMTK community at their own expense.
For example, the Coast Guard's Search and Rescue Optimal Planning System is built on CJMTK technology.
An early adopter of CJMTK, the Army's Maneuver Control System, continues to harness CJMTK's power of visualizing and sharing geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) by integrating commercial technology into the tactical environment.
The Air Force Portable Flight Planning System and Joint Mission Planning System are integrating CJMTK to provide the capabilities of an advanced geographic information system to the C2I mission-planning community.
This system uses CJMTK to provide a simple, intuitive user interface that enables soldiers to view critical information without extensive training.
Although NGA funds the CJMTK program, the Agency is not qualified as a user due to the fact that CJMTK is for the exclusive use of the C2I community.
With over 145,000 users, or "run-time seats," CJMTK is on the rise.
A Northrop Grumman-led team (that included Esri, Analytical Graphics and Leica Geosystems) was awarded the initial $72 million CJMTK contract in 2002 by the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (another precursor to the NGA).