CJOACombined/Joint Operations Area
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The sustainment architecture that coalition and partnered forces rely on is continually modified to provide the maximum possible support to a rapidly changing CJOA within the constraints of U.S.
In effectively communicating with commands while conducting operations across the CJOA, the S2 must be fluid and capable of operating on an array of systems.
The SWA theater has a robust LSS Program that benefits from the full support and participation of key General Officer leaders throughout the CJOA, and that has ensured that the program remains "operationalized" and focused on the enterprise-level operations.
This allowed for a seamless tasking chain that, in turn, maximized lift assets across the CJOA. The CJDC's systems and processes provided more responsive support while reducing the overall aircraft operating tempo, risks to soldiers, and the logistics footprint.
The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) assumed "control" of the Afghanistan CJOA on 5 October 2006.
The primary responsibilities of the CJ36 CBRN officer were to provide CJOA CBRN threat assessments on a continuous basis in support of subordinate task forces; assess, develop, coordinate, and oversee the employment of CBRN operations within the CJOA to assist commanders to protect, deter, and defend against enemy chemical weapon threats to U.S.
In order to gain an understanding of the logistical challenges present in East Africa, it is imperative to focus the lens on the unique challenges faced in meeting the logistical requirements in the CJOA. Perhaps the most pressing challenge is the "tyranny of distance," which is a vast landscape of highly-diversified terrain spanning more than 1,500 miles across East Africa.
Seventy-five personnel from several locations within the CJOA and Kuwait were flexed from sustainment missions and quickly moved by military air assets to Kandahar.
Given the complexity of the CJOA, the PRCC needed to establish working relationships with embassies in Baghdad and Jordan, the U.S.
The Defense Energy Support Center Middle East in Bahrain managed fuel for the CJOA. Although the vendors changed during Operation Enduring Freedom IV, the supply methods did not.
These changes included conducting customs operations in Kuwait, supervising detention operations in Afghanistan, and providing command and control (C2) to all combat support military police Soldiers in the Afghan Combined Joint Area of Operations (CJOA).