CJOACombined/Joint Operations Area
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The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) assumed "control" of the Afghanistan CJOA on 5 October 2006.
This allowed for a seamless tasking chain that, in turn, maximized lift assets across the CJOA.
Operating over the entire CJOA, the units and their daily business practices vary greatly.
The supplies then take an additional 21 days to move from the port to the main hubs in the CJOA.
The Iraq CJOA petroleum concept of support set the stage for success in the 2007 OIF surge and remains the baseline for adjusting enduring support during and after the responsible drawdown of U.
Looking at this from the perspective of logistical operations, logisticians in the CJOA require the development of a new skill set or a new mindset, per se.
During this process, the TF planned, coordinated, and tracked the air and ground movement of numerous military demountable containers and hundreds of personnel to various locations across the CJOA.
The Defense Energy Support Center Middle East in Bahrain managed fuel for the CJOA.
We also developed movement control procedures for the CJTF and, in coordination with the CJ-4, drafted the policies needed to make the most efficient use of transportation assets and supporting infrastructure in the CJOA.
To gain an understanding of the logistics challenges present in East Africa, it is imperative to focus the lens on the unique challenges faced in meeting the logistics requirements in the CJOA.
Also, the disbursing office processes a large number of cash travel advances in the CJOA because certain locations do not have ATMs, or hotels and dining establishments that readily accept credit or debit cards.
These platforms should be included in the CJOA to, first, get a handle on layer 4 to layer 7 traffic metrics and to optimize, to the greatest degree possible the traffic.