CJOACombined/Joint Operations Area
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The primary responsibilities of the CJ36 CBRN officer were to provide CJOA CBRN threat assessments on a continuous basis in support of subordinate task forces; assess, develop, coordinate, and oversee the employment of CBRN operations within the CJOA to assist commanders to protect, deter, and defend against enemy chemical weapon threats to U.
In effectively communicating with commands while conducting operations across the CJOA, the S2 must be fluid and capable of operating on an array of systems.
In order to set the stage for the eventual transition of the entire CJOA to the ANA, the CJDC conducted numerous coordination and cooperation events.
There is a multifaceted approach to military justice within the Afghanistan CJOA.
This relationship was critical for establishing a working relationship with the many coalition partners operating in the CJOA.
Looking at this from the perspective of logistical operations, logisticians in the CJOA require the development of a new skill set or a new mindset, per se.
AFSBn-AF sent a robust parts package from Bagram, Afghanistan, but assistance from the CJOA supply support activities and AMC also was critical.
These units had Soldiers spread across the CJOA and the TF tracked and supported them as they provided military police expertise to police technical assistance teams at PRT sites; served as personal security detachments; and conducted joint operations center (JOC) security, law and order operations, provost marshal operations, area security, convoy escorts, and mobile reaction operations.
JLC leveraged its reach capabilities to expedite high-priority parts and commodities whether they were from elsewhere in the CJOA, Europe, or the continental United States.
We also developed movement control procedures for the CJTF and, in coordination with the CJ-4, drafted the policies needed to make the most efficient use of transportation assets and supporting infrastructure in the CJOA.
To gain an understanding of the logistics challenges present in East Africa, it is imperative to focus the lens on the unique challenges faced in meeting the logistics requirements in the CJOA.