CJOA-ACombined Joint Operations Area-Afghanistan
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As the RS Headquarters chief of operations, operational success depended upon my knowledge and employment of joint functions, shared understanding, and synchronized operations across the CJOA-A. As military police officers, we should continue to seek positions that require us to challenge traditional career path orthodoxy, think creatively, act independently, and showcase our knowledge and understanding within the combined/joint arena through deliberate talent management.
As the process slowly morphed into how the mission is executed now, a series of RSY and forward retrograde elements (FRE) are set up across the CJOA-A like a spider web of retrograde support.
This resulted in a 300-percent mission increase and instant recognition across CJOA-A by word of mouth.
FREs were strategically established throughout the CJOA-A in order to maximize the R3D of materiel at large or central bases designated by each FRE site.
The three RSYs were established at the largest CJOA-A bases.
Filling the health physics capability gap left by the departure of the NMSO forced medical planners in the CJOA-A to devise a solution within the mandated force management level constraints at the time.
Therefore, their deployment to the CJOA-A beginning in 2014 was a unique event providing an opportunity for lessons to be learned about how to best employ them.
Through the CMRE, the Army established a way ahead for removing excess and unaccounted for equipment and materiel from the CJOA-A. The SPO transportation section assisted in moving enabler teams and provided the transportation support required to move excess retrograde materiel.
Subordinate units within the 17th CSSB requesting movement of equipment in CJOA-A filled out and submitted logistics movement requests through the SPO transportation section to the servicing MCT.
The communications infrastructure at FOBs was the number one C4 support problem in the CJOA-A. These problems were created by years of unexpected growth, lack of materials and the lack of skills by tactical signal Soldiers implementing quick tactical solutions to remedy network problems.
Also many C4 infrastructure projects through DCS-SWA were funded over the 15 months valued at about $8 million plus 19 major projects valued at $214 million to improve the infrastructure in the CJOA-A.
The 18th CSSB provided tailored, multifunctional, multicomponent, joint-enabled, and contractor-supported mission command task organized to execute redeployment assistance, redistribution, retrograde, and disposal of materiel and equipment across the CJOA-A.