CJOGCoalition of Journalists for Open Government
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CJOG, a coalition of more than 30 journalism-related organizations, found that the overall backlog fell to 33% of requests processed from a record 39%, but that was because of big reductions at a few agencies such as Housing and Urban Development, which managed to knock its backlog to 10% from an astounding 188%.
Agencies "blew an opportunity" to make a big dent in backlogs, CJOG said, because the number of FOIA requests actually dropped by 63,000 from 2006.
When ASNE and CJOG come looking for more help, we will weigh each request individually.
Comparing reports year-to-year and across agencies--which no agency does in its reporting--it's clear that in many cases FOIA simply isn't working as intended," said CJOG coordinator Pete Weitzel.
Not coincidentally, both OTG and CJOG received start-up funding from the John S.