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For companies with IP that might have applications for which they are not currently used, it might be a good idea to contact CJPS Enterprises for assistance, especially in this difficult economic environment.
Under this contract V797D-30075, CJPS Medical Systems has been approved to sell its bedside and ambulatory vital signs monitors, its home telemonitoring equipment, and its telemetry system to offer government organizations state-of-the-art monitoring systems.
But CJPS Enterprises is specifically known for the execution portion of such diversification efforts.
Sevrain, President of CJPS Healthcare Supplies & Equipment.
We will provide continuous learning, mentoring and development for these business leaders in small peer group settings," Christophe Sevrain, CEO of CJPS Enterprises, explained.
All existing VitalPoint[R] HOME units that have been sold in the field are already capable of such connectivity, and all that needs to be purchased is a Microsoft Windows[R]-based Tablet PC, and then download VitalPoint[R] HOME Remote Device Connectivity[R] software from CJPS.
In fact, CJPS Enterprises has grown steadily since its creation in 2000.
That's why CJPS has launched this new program and is purchasing older remote patient monitors and replacing them with VitalPoint[R] HOME.
Christophe Sevrain, the CEO of CJPS Enterprises and an entrepreneur at heart, has deployed these powerful tools with breakthrough results in his own startups as well as when he held senior management positions at companies such as Baxter International and Delphi Corporation.
Another first for CJPS Medical Systems was its buy-back program, allowing users of remote patient monitors to upgrade their systems to VitalPoint[R] HOME, most cost effectively.
The speaker, CJPS Enterprises' CEO, Christophe Sevrain, has over 25 patents, and over 20 years' industry experience licensing technologies from research organizations such as universities, national laboratories and corporations, and selling and licensing patents out to large corporations.
As a result, the firm has been selected to run a few economic development programs, such as the 21st Century Jobs Fund Life Sciences Pipeline, and more recently the Medical Device Automotive Suppliers Diversification initiative where CJPS helped almost 100 companies diversify into the healthcare industry throughout Michigan.