CJRCCriminal Justice Research Center (Ohio State University; Columbus, OH)
CJRCCincinnati Junior Rowing Club (Cincinnati, OH)
CJRCCrime and Justice Research Centre (New Zealand)
CJRCCriminal Justice Research Consortium (Monash University; Australia)
CJRCCentral Japan Railway Company
CJRCCommunity Justice Resource Center
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CKY and CJRC, by now both CBC affiliates, devoted their entire day to Royal coverage.
RCMP Security Bulletin, #902, 11 October 1938, 296-97, 300; #903, 21 October 1938, 316; Tim Buck, "The West and the Federal Election," Speech delivered at the Walker Theatre, Winnipeg, broadcast over Station CJRC, 25 April 1939.
Winnipeg mayor Ralph Webb, a promoter of the rival station CJRC, reported in 1935 that he had been told by many Manitobans that "they were getting very tired of CKY as they [sic] did not measure up to the standards of American broadcasting stations and, therefore, they were forced to go to the Bismarck Station for what they called 'good programs' rather than to our own Commission programs.
To young CJRC radio listeners from 1942 until 1947, he was "Uncle Jim" who read the funnies.
He also taught drama, directed school plays and, outside of school time, began to write plays for local radio stations CJRC and CBC.