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CJRSCanadian Journal of Remote Sensing
CJRSCanadian Journal of Regional Science
CJRSConsolidated Judicial Retirement System (North Carolina)
CJRSCenter for Joint Replacement Surgery (Philippines)
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The eight papers presented here were initially selected by a panel, led by Professor Amedee Mollard, scientific coordinator of the PSDR program of INRA, as potentially interesting contributions to the CJRS. They were then submitted to an independent evaluation process under the guidance of the Editor, which led to revised texts being submitted between the spring and late summer of 2006.
As is customary, copyright rights were assigned to the CJRS, and the CJRS then authorized the authors to include their revised texts in a special CD-Rom publication for all the accepted texts based on papers presented at the Symposium, being produced at the end of 2006.
Furthermore, since the articles deal with French territorial space, a brief discussion is given of the interest presented by the French, and more broadly the European Union, experience for readers of the CJRS from other countries, and particularly those from Canada.
This regional comparison may be of some value to readers of CJRS. The premise is that changes to tax policy in the two provinces were in large part responsible to the bursts of growth experienced by both in the 1990s.
* We would like to thank Gilles Duranton of the London School of Economics for his help, and the editor and anonymous reviewers of CJRS for their comments and suggestions.