CJSOTFCombined Joint Special Operations Task Force
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Security Transition Command-Iraq, whereas SOF and CJSOTF provided
This allows the CJSOTF to maneuver assets to support future operations, free to rely on the intimate knowledge at the team level and SOTF analysis of the situations, and react to indications of issues spanning multiple SOTF areas of operation.
The improved effort put forth by the reachback community directly reflected the amount of effort the CJSOTF put towards sharing our purpose with the larger intelligence community.
Three weeks into the first phase of the original focus area, the J2 team updated the SOTF and CJSOTF Commanders.
Different systems, technologies, methods and regulations used by the CJSOTF members during the intelligence process;
Sometimes this situation limits the access to certain information for the particular members of the CJSOTF.
A former CJSOTF commander indicated, one "need[s] to be able to explain to GPF leaders .
A former CJSOTF commander said, "In my career [prior to 2001], you'd be lucky if you had one or two live missions in a career.
CDR James Markey, Reservist to CJSOTF Iraq/Afghanistan, Logistics Officer
JFQ: We would like to ask about the CJSOTFs in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Realistically, though, the CJSOTFs in Iraq and Afghanistan will be commanded by Army SF colonels for the foreseeable future.