CJTCustomized Job Training
CJTCriminal Justice Technology (college program)
CJTCapacity Joint Table (Canadian volunteer committee)
CJTConsiliul Judetean Tulcea (Romanian: Tulcea County Council)
CJTComité des Jeunes de Tubize (French: Tubize Youth Committe; Tubize, Belgium)
CJTChorale des Jeunes de Truchtersheim (French: Truchtersheim Youth Choir; Truchtersheim, France)
CJTCoopérative Jeunesse de Travail (French: Youth Work Cooperative; Canada)
CJTCivilian Jeep Truck
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To achieve extra durability for its Platinum posts, CJT partnered with chemical giants Lonza, manufacturers of the Tanalith chemical preservative.
The CJT has been used to examine a range of policy changes (see Hogan & Cavatorta, 2013; Hogan & Doyle, 2007).
At this stage, technical aspects, graphical interface, possibilities provided, and extensions of two Iranian websites, CJT and Newsbaan, and two international websites, Poynter's News University and BBC iLearn were comparatively studied.
The two Prior Pursglove College students formed CJT Promotions in May after realising they had a talent for organising music events when planning their joint 17th birthday party.
El vicepresidente del CJT, Dhondup Dorjee, lo explica de esta manera: "Las manifestaciones dentro y fuera de Tibet fueron protagonizadas por jovenes.
those who have studied the relevant period, the CJT suggests that
CJT will also design, market, distribute and provide technical support for Internet Protocol TV set-top boxes.
Spitters CJT, Bouma TJ (1992) Energy cost of protein turnover: theoretical calculation and experimental estimation from regression of respiration on protein concentration of full-grown leaves.
Here we will focus on a couple that seem closest to what we have done: Catarineu-Rabell, Jackson, and Tsomocos (2003), hereafter CJT, and Jordan, Peek, and Rosengren (2003), hereafter JPR.
Representatives of Dynavox, WordsPlus, Prentke Romich, Intellikeys, AbleNet, Zygo, Mayer Johnson and CJT Mounting will demonstrate equipment and answer questions.