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Syllable Profile Monosyllabi c Free Words Polysyllabic CV not attested wa.[??]si CwV not attested k'wa.di CjV not attested kja.la CVV bee 'black kite' not attested CwVV p'wii 'type of tree' not attested CjVV k'joo 'body' not attested CVC mak 'fox' fil.ka CjVC [[??]jak.sup.h] 'kingfisher' bjan.s'a CwVC s'wek 'sorghum' fwam.ba CVNC ?uns' 'to crawl' k'ons'.[??]k'ol Syllable Profile Free Words CV 'meat' CwV 'head' CjV 'Colobus monkey' CVV CwVV CjVV CVC 'chin fat' CjVC 'fishhook' CwVC 'armpit' CVNC 'noise' From these attested profiles we can derive the following generalizations about well-formed roots in Ganza.
RCA-Victor Q RB6637: Q SB6637," Gramophone, January 1966: 40 (available on CD as JVC RCA Red Seal CJVC 24043).