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Table 1: Tissue Distribution of CK Isoenzymes CK-1 CK-2 CK-3 (BB) (MB) (MM) Skeletal 0 1 99 Cardiac 1 20 79 Brain 97 3 0 Table 2: Troponin Elevations in Patients Without Overt Ischemic Heart Disease Acute rheumatic fever Hypotension, often with Amyloidosis arrhythmias Cardiac trauma (including Hypothyroidism contusion, surgery, ablation) Inflammatory disease Cardiotoxicity from (including myocarditis, chemotherapy bacterial endocarditis, Chronic renal failure Kawasaki disease) Heart failure Acute neurological diseases Critically illness Post-operative non-cardiac Diabetes surgery Drug toxicity Pulmonary embolism, Hypertension severe pulmonary hypertension Sepsis