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CK-MBCreatine Kinase-Myocardial Band
CK-MBCreatine Kinase, Muscle and Brain (subunits)
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Those markers ranged from nonspecific AST, LDH and CK to more specific LD1, CK-MB, Myoglobin, Trop T and Trop I.
Observation indicators: The levels of LDH, AST, [alpha]-HBDH, CK-MB, CK and cTnT and hepatic and renal function indicators (UCr, Alb and ALT) of the children in the three groups, the levels of cTnT and myocardial enzymes and hepatic and renal function indicators of the children with severe pneumonia, i.e.
The myocardial biomarkers were measured at 14:00, showing that the CK level was 255 U/L, the CK-MB level was 9.1 [micro]g/L, and the cTnI level was 3.015 [micro]g/L.
The levels of cTnI, Mb, and CK-MB in healthy pregnant rats were less than 0.1 ng/mL, less than 72 ng/mL, and 0-24 U/L, respectively.
At the time, we did not know that cTnI would be more clinically sensitive than CK-MB, although that became a reality.
The serum was used to analyze the effect of different concentrations of salbutamol on cardiac markers (CK-MB, SGOT and LDH) by using Biomed kits through chemistry analyzer.
Mean value of troponin T was 748.71+-933.8 pg/ml (range: 106.8-5100 pg/ml) while mean value of CK-MB was 77.12+-54.30U/L (range:27-301U/L) (Table-1).
CK-MB and troponinI levels were analyzed using a Beckman Coulter DXI 800 instrument by the chemiluminescence method.
Quantitative determination of C-Kinase Mb: Principle: Immunoinhibition Method: Principle: Specific Antibodies against CK-M inhibit the complete CKMM activity and the CKM subunit of CK-MB. Only CKB activity is measured.
For detecting the developed heart damage, it is detected by measuring the Troponin I and ck-MB levels of the blood.