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CKACanada Kicks Ass (website)
CKACommonly Known As
CKACongregation Kol Ami (Jewish organization; various locations)
CKACalifornia Kindergarten Association
CKAColorado Karate Association
CKAAtlantic Croaker (FAO fish species code)
CKACentre Karaté Ardéchois (French martial arts school)
CKAConsumer Knowledge Analysis
CKACustomer Knowledge Asset
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Being copied from actual A-I lowers and not altered with any further engineering, these three firms' products were very reminiscent in appearance and dimensions to the originals, with the Specialty Arms and CKA receivers being considered the most faithful reproductions.
Just as Telko sold assembled rifles through Paragon, CKA built complete rifles from kits and marketed them through its exclusive distributor, B&B Sales of Hollywood, California, and its wholesale catalog marketing division, Bumblebee Wholesale.
3, no solo no se cumple la prediccion de la CKA, sino que esta presenta una pendiente positiva de caracter lineal, lo que se puede interpretar como un signo de deterioro ecologico, considerando que el nivel de materiales utilizados en la economia china a lo largo del periodo no se ha reducido segun se ha ido incrementando su nivel de desarrollo, sino que esta cada vez ha requerido de una cantidad de materiales mayor para poder sostener su ritmo de crecimiento.
De nuevo, la CKA, esta vez utilizando la variable CMD como variable dependiente, presenta una tendencia lineal ascendente, muy parecida a la que presentaba la variable IMD en el apartado anterior.
CKA protocols allow a cluster head of members to interact over an open network to establish a common secret key and cluster head members can securely exchange message using this shared key.
Each member of one unit has to first run the CKA protocol with the members of the other unit in a different battlefield.
CKA is an independent broker based in Perth with a strong focus on medium to large-sized corporates, especially within the mining and natural resources industries.
The two teams will work together in the existing CKA office and will initially trade as Willis CKA.
Felisberto E, Freese E, Bezerra LCA, Alves CKA, Samico I.
celem a poslnm soutee je nalzt a ocenit nejvhodnej reen predmetu soutee, kter spln poadavky vyhlaovatele obsaen v soutench podmnkch a v soutench podkladech, a nsledne zadat v jednacm rzen bez uverejnen zakzku na zpracovn navazujcch vkonovch fz projektovch prac dle standardu CKA a CKAIT, spoluprci s investorem pri vberu dodavatele, autorskho dohledu pri realizaci stavby a spoluprci s investorem pri uveden staveb do uvn.
Turkish Airlines is now using CKA at more than 60 airports globally to standardize and simplify check-in processes, speed-up staff on-boarding and improve agent satisfaction.
CKA will sell its equity position in Cesky Mobil by exercising an option granted in 1999 as part of the creation of Cesky Mobil.