CKCSCavalier King Charles Spaniel (dog breed)
CKCSCore Knowledge Charter School
CKCSCanoa Kayak Club Salento (Italian canoe and kayak club)
CKCSCentral Kentucky Computer Society, Inc. (Lexington, KY)
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In the CKCS two Loci have been recently associated with MMVD (4, 32, 37).
Ljungvall et al., (2014) found higher serum 5HT levels in CKCS compared to other breeds (24), serum 5HT concentrations related to severity of MMVD (12).
The Community Knowledge Centres (CKC) programme is received well by the citizen, as the initiative turned out to be a major e.oman Strategy in enabling the individuals of the society to reach broader horizons in the area of information technology.
She highlighted some of the CKCs' success stories and some statistics which show the number of trainees in digital literacy training programme has reached 30,000 people since 2009.
"Among these projects, we make mention of the Community Knowledge Centres (CKCs) that aim to activate continuous learning and contribute to raising digital awareness amongst all citizens, through a series of events and programmes in the field of Information Technology offered free of charge to all segments of society."
El Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (CKCS) esta predispuesto a desarrollar EVD a una edad relativamente joven, pero la evolucion de la enfermedad es similar al de otras razas pequenas (Atkins et al, 2009; Haggstrom et al., 2009).