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CKDChronic Kidney Disease
CKDCertified Kitchen Designer
CKDCompletely Knocked Down (shipping)
CKDComplete Knock Down (automotive industry)
CKDCompletely Knocked Down
CKDCount Key Data
CKDCement Kiln Dust
CKDCertificado de Capital de Desarrollo (Spanish: Certificate of Capital Development; Mexico)
CKDChoi Kwang Do (Martial Art)
CKDCount Key Data (device)
CKDCyclical Ketogenic Diet
CKDCollaborative Knowledge Development (various organizations)
CKDChun Kuk Do (Martial Art)
CKDCrush Kill Destroy (band)
CKDCentralized Group Key Distribution (cryptography)
CKDCubic Centimeters per Kilogram per Day
CKDCount Key Device
CKDCentralized Knowledge Delivery
CKDClaude Kesser Développement (French construction company)
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Women with severe CKD may require regular dialysis.
There is a clear need for health awareness, timely diagnosis and proper follow-up of CKD in pregnancy.
When CKD Worsens Even with the right treatment, CKD can still progress.
Uncertainty in individuals with CKD has not been termed with a separate conceptual definition despite the frequency of use in this population and the distinct characteristics of CKD.
CKD is a collective term covering a number of primary disease processes that result in structural or functional kidney abnormalities, or both, persisting for at least 3 months2.
The two leading causes of CKD are high blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes, both of which damage blood vessels in the kidneys and hasten declines in renal function.
Finally, it is in the hands of our general practitioners and primary healthcare workers to diagnose CKD early and to either introduce adequate therapy or to refer early.
ISN Programs Chair and Past President John Feehally (UK) comments: "These striking findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study confirm the growing pre-eminence of CKD, and especially CKD due to diabetes, as an avoidable cause of death worldwide.
C-reactive protein similar to other cytokines also raised in CKD or dialysis patients.
1) Limited data exist regarding the exact prevalence of CKD-mineral and bone disorder (MBD), but abnormal mineral metabolism is believed to start in stage 3 CKD, implying that 8% of the adult US population could be at risk for, or already have established, CKD-MBD.
Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the treatment of VTE in CKD patients?