CKDSCrush Kill Destroy Swag
CKDSCryptographic Key Data Set (computing)
CKDSCombinatorial Key Distribution Scheme (computing)
CKDSConference Key Distribution System (encryption)
CKDSChildren's Kidney Disease Support (group)
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'If truck rebuilders are required to import only CKD trucks that have passed Government standards, then what is there for us to rebuild?' asked Vicente.
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is one of the most concerning health-related problems in children, imposing a great burden on the patient's family and the health organizations (1, 2).
In a recent study, polymorphisms of IL-1[alpha] C-889T, IL-1[beta] C-511T, IL-1[beta] C+3954T, and IL-1RA (intron 2) and transcript levels were investigated in a total of 246 individuals with CKD and periodontitis.
One idea behind the MVDP was that importing CKDs will require the hiring of additional workers to assemble the units, and the purchasing of such locally made supplies as car seats, steering wheels, hoses and belts, lights and mirrors, thus boosting the economy.
Animal models with clinical and pathological features of human chronic kidney disease (CKD) are highly warranted to advance novel therapies for CKD and would enable a deeper understanding of the pathogenesis and thereby more target-specific therapies.
Under the MVDP, participants would have to pay only 1 percent duty for CKDs, but they must pay 20 percent for SKDs.
Interestingly, these improvements were more likely to be observed in a subset of patients with CKD [117, 118].
Epidemiological studies showed that S is an independent risk factor in the development of chronic kidney diseases (CKDs) of different etiologies, including hypertension and diabetes [34-36].
Indus Motor Company increased prices of various car models by PRs15,000-30,000 with immediate effect based on 1% additional duty imposed on the import of CKDs in the Mini-budget.
Prof H.R Ahmed of Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, explained that the CKDs symptoms include the presence of kidney damage or reduced functioning of kidneys for a period of three months or more.
A secondary analysis of the TREAT trial suggests ESA therapy be used sparingly in cases of moderate anemia in patients with CKDs. However, ESAs remain beneficial in treating symptomatic anemia alongside iron therapy and possible transfusions.
Fibrosis is a common event of various forms of chronic kidney diseases (CKDs).