CKDSCrush Kill Destroy Swag
CKDSCryptographic Key Data Set (computing)
CKDSCombinatorial Key Distribution Scheme (computing)
CKDSConference Key Distribution System (encryption)
CKDSChildren's Kidney Disease Support (group)
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CKDS Ballet Slippers have comfortable canvas uppers with a beautiful satin-like sheen and synthetic suede soles that are just as durable as their leather counterparts.
CKDS Ballet Slippers are available in children's sizes from 8 through 4 and in adult sizes from 5 through 9, including half-sizes, in white, pink, black, and custom dyed colors.
The orders came from three new annual customers, BioHorizon, Analytic Endodontic, and CKDS, with over $100,000 being shipped this week.