CKIFCombat Karate International Federation (California)
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CKIF is a specialist in delivering training solutions in the fields of banking, finance, investment, accounting and management in the Kingdom.
CKIF managing director Elham Abdulrazzaq said the raating was given based on its learners' achievement, quality of provision, how well provisions meet the needs of learners and stakeholders, the level of support and guidance provided to learners, and the effectiveness of leadership and management.- TradeArabia News Service
Parameter calibration results ([U.sub.max], [L.sub.max], CQOF, CKIF, and [CK.sub.1/2]) Parameters [U.sub.max] [L.sub.max] CQOF E29 20 300 0.55 E65 10 159 0.445 E68A 20 300 0.269 Parameters CKIF [CK.sub.1,2] E29 1000 32 E65 916 48 E68A 500 48 Tab.