CKKCheong Kyum Kwan (martial arts)
CKKCyanogen Chloride
CKKCamp Knock Knock (Burlington, VT; Junior League of Champlain Valley, Inc. bereavement camp; est. 1998)
CKKCourtney Killed Kurt
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Se por um lado baixas doses de WPC podem estimular o aumento de CKK e PYY, dietas CAF regulam negativamente conteudo de CCK central e a expressao de RNAm para receptores de leptina (Morris e colaboradores, 2008).
CKK used the H8 data (available until October 15, 2008, at the time of the authors' writing) to discuss three "myths," or misconceptions, about lending during the crisis, specifically: "(1) Bank lending to non-financial corporations and individuals has declined sharply.
Gachene CKK, Jarvis NJ, Linner H, Mbuvi JP (1997) Soil erosion effects on soil properties in a highland area of central Kenya.
The first question CKK raise regarding the enrollment rate is whether it should be included in the employment equation.
CKK is a premier distributor of sophisticated medical devices in South Korea and represents a number of major medical device companies.
Ready-to-mount CKK versions of these linear systems have long been available with internal Ball Rail[R] Systems and a Ball Screw drive (CKK).
CKK 225: (Ibrar ul Haq 5, Abdulaziz 3 wkts) lost to Pak Shaheen 226 for 8 off 30.
CKK 314 for 8: (Nouman 161, Najeeb 51; Shoaib & Asif 2 wkts each) beat Lahore Badshah 297: (Abdul Wahab 119, Farman 57; Basit 3, Nouman & Saud 2 wkts each) by 17 runs.
In another match, Lahore Lions lost to CKK by 4 wickets.
CKK 242: (Ali Shahid 59, Nouman 42, Sajid 37) beat Shouraim 194: (Imran Kifayat 3, Nabeel, Nouman & Nadeem 2 wkts each) by 48 runs.
In another close match, Shouraim beat CKK by 14 runs.
CKK 157: (Raja 4 wkts) lost to Sama Steel 158 for 4 off 17.