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CKND maintained that signing off increments was a precondition to any negotiations.
Increments were important at CKND and everyone in the bargaining unit knew why.
The weak links proved to be the NABET National Office and NABET locals at CKND's sister stations.
The CKND strike provided an important test of the national's scheme for single employer bargaining.
Seventy of the 90 local advertisers who were on the air when the CKND strike began had pulled their ads -- but Izzy Asper still wouldn't talk about an end to the dispute.
Article 13 was on the table at both CKND and Global.
Article 13 evolved to the point where, although not perfect, it only restricts the CKND local's actions against the Winnipeg station during the term of the contract.
An implicit national union sanction for lopping the top of scale off the CKND pay structure.
There is no evidence the company's financial survival hinged on gutting increments from the CKND contract.
During the CKND strike, Asper acquired a minority interest in TV3 New Zealand, where CGS has been producing at least two series for credit as indigenous content on its Canadian stations (with the full sanction of the Mulroney government).