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CKOChief Knowledge Officer (corporate title)
CKOCentral Kickboxing Organization
CKOCentral Knowledge Officer
CKOCareer Knockout
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Generalmente, este grupo es liderado por un gestor de conocimiento, CKO.
Es asi como se propone al "Gerente Infocomunicador del Conocimiento" (GIC), el cual esta integrado por el modelo CKO ("Chief kwnoledge organization", que traduce Jefe del Conocimiento en la Organizacion) propuesto por Earl et.
Las personas que estan en las plantas son las mejores" dice la CKO de Ford .
The CKO Summit is an event where 20 of the leading knowledge executives from the public sector spend 2 days debating key issues and working together to formulate new knowledge strategies.
Besides the school performance, the young performers sometimes get airplay at CKO.
Other senior managers might be able to see how knowledge can be better used in their particular units or functions, but the CKO can stand back and manage interventions that cross formal business boundaries, thus helping the enterprise as a whole.
The pet-owning public has expectations when it comes to boarding," says Charlotte Biggs, CKO and board president of PCSA and co-owner of Stay N Play Pet Ranch[R], Inc.
CKO gelistirme ve gecerlik calismasi yakin zamanda yayinlandigindan literaturde olcegin kullanildigi bir arastirmaya ulasilamamaktadir.
Donna lames is president and CKO of Lardon & Associates LLC, a Consulting firm that specializes in advising business leaders on issues related to governance, new business development, strategy, financial and risk management, and leadership development.