CKRCConstitution of Kenya Review Commission
CKRCCement Kiln Recycling Coalition
CKRCCanberra Kart Racing Club (Australia)
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When Kibaki (having been in political exile for some years) addressed the CKRC on behalf of his party, he severely criticised what he called the 'imperial presidency' and advocated a parliamentary system.
Radio stations CKY, CKRC and CKX in Brandon were by now firmly ensconced as CBC affiliates and picked up many CBC and BBC newscasts.
In the late 1930s, CKRC had hired a veteran newspaper reporter named Ev Dutton who would become known as the dean of western radio journalism.
and the rest (209) consisted of 12 nominated Members of Parliament, 29 CKRC Commissioners, and 168 members representing such diverse interests as trade unions, non-governmental organizations, women organizations, religious organizations and special interests groups.
He adds that the contemporary country music format that has sustained CKRC since it switched from hard rock in 1979 will continue.
I have no such personal grievance; during the CKRC and Bomas we got on very well together, meeting at each other's houses, and then agreeing on many points.
In 2001, it was again amended to accommodate the merger between the CKRC and the Ufungamano Commission.
But CKY, CKRC and FOX are close behind in the general buyer age bracket 25-to-54.