CKRCConstitution of Kenya Review Commission
CKRCCement Kiln Recycling Coalition
CKRCCanberra Kart Racing Club (Australia)
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The CKRC 2002 draft would have involved the Chairs of the main lower level of government.
Radio stations CKY, CKRC and CKX in Brandon were by now firmly ensconced as CBC affiliates and picked up many CBC and BBC newscasts.
In the late 1930s, CKRC had hired a veteran newspaper reporter named Ev Dutton who would become known as the dean of western radio journalism.
(86) And because the CKRC's draft contained provisions that were more or less in tandem with the LDP position, the Kibaki faction were fiercely opposed to it.
and the rest (209) consisted of 12 nominated Members of Parliament, 29 CKRC Commissioners, and 168 members representing such diverse interests as trade unions, non-governmental organizations, women organizations, religious organizations and special interests groups....
He adds that the contemporary country music format that has sustained CKRC since it switched from hard rock in 1979 will continue.
Forester has sold about 30 per cent of CKRC's soft rock FM signal to the Craig family of Brandon.
This decision and several others (some involving Katiba Institute), which aim to disable or at least harass an NGO without the least bit of evidence or law, often remind me of my proposal as chair of the CKRC.
When the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission (CKRC) collected and collated the views of Kenyans about governance and justice, one of the major complaints was delayed justice.
These principles formed the basis of the CKRC draft constitution, which was largely endorsed by the Constituent Assembly (known as Bomas), with Raila Odinga's strong support.
I have no such personal grievance; during the CKRC and Bomas we got on very well together, meeting at each other's houses, and then agreeing on many points.