CKVCommercial Kitchen Ventilation
CKVCheck Valve
CKVCultureel Kunstzinnige Vorming (Dutch: Cultural Artistic Training)
CKVCotesia Kariyai Virus
CKVCasimir-Katz-Verlag (German: Casimir Katz Publisher)
CKVCarl Kléber Verite (French construction company)
CKVCercle de Karaté do Vannetais (French martial arts association)
CKVCanoë Kayak Villersexel (French canoe and kayak club)
CKVCanoë Kayak Vertou (French canoe and kayak club)
CKVCreatine Kinase Variants (hypoxia)
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Thus, a semi-Riemannian manifold of constant curvature admits no ACV other than a CKV.
Nevertheless, the focus of this article is the portion of the CKV system above the ceiling and how it can be designed to improve fire safety.
In April 1998, a safety and environmental risk assessment was conducted for the RGV 80 and CKV 122 repair work.
1 requirements in context with designing energy efficient CKV systems that strive to improve comfort conditions in kitchens.
annual energy cost to operate the CKV system divided by the average exhaust ventilation rate), typically ranging between $1 and $3 per cfm ($2 and $6 per L/s) per year.
As noted previously, cooking equipment and CKV are a kitchen's primary energy consumers.
The coordination required for a successful CKV exhaust system requires the mechanical HVAC designer to work with kitchen equipment supplier, the fire protection contractor, the controls contractor, the duct cleaning contractor, the electrical contractor, the gas piping contractor, and the HVAC contractors to complete a composite system that works together.
We found ongoing support from the kitchen ventilation industry as we updated interested parties at professional meetings and forums, participated in ASHRAE seminars, provided tours of the CKV laboratory, and performed demonstrations of our findings.
The repeatability of capture and containment measurements at the CKV laboratory was investigated and the error was found to be below 14% with a typical error of about 7%.
The restaurant owners had challenged their engineer to design a CKV system that would solve their kitchen comfort problems.
Contract notice: The new retention basin at the wastewater treatment plant + CKV North.