CKOSCustom Kemps of Sweden (est. 1989)
CKoSComplete Kingdom of Slash (website)
CKOSCentra Knowledge Object Studio (recording software)
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Some companies report seeing more and more CKOs leading a dedicated KM department, while others are seeing CKO and CLO positions going away and being merged into existing departments with IT and HR as the main two homes.
Today, in organizations that already have these technical and social networks, CKOs can take a more strategic perspective, scanning the enterprise to discover how they might improve processes and customer relationship management as well as promote employee learning.
As stewards of information, they will put the "I" back in CIO by applying asset management techniques to content, driving intranet and extranet development, and in more cases becoming CIOs or CKOs.
The magazine is targeted at CEOs, VPs, and senior-line business managers as well as information executives, including CIOs and CKOs (Chief Knowledge Officers), of large and midsize enterprise organizations.
It is not enough for KM practitioners and CKOs to have a sense of curiosity about KM; they also need to have a research mindset to dig much deeper into issues of practice and theory.
According to Linden Selby at the Centre, there are two principal reasons for the study: "First, to learn about the requirements and experiences of CKOs, and second, to use the role of the CKO as a lens on emergent aims and practices of knowledge management in those organizations that have appointed a CKO.
The profiles of the 30 conference presenters at Empower'98 include CKOs, knowledge management practice leaders, end users of knowledge management systems, representatives of learning organizations, competitive intelligence professionals, leading educators and some of the most advanced technology developers in both government agencies and private industry.
When I interviewed Scott Rechtschaffen, he was preparing for a regional meeting of law firm CKOs.
KMWorld interviewed three CKOs recently, and excerpts of the interviews are found on page 9.
But each agency will have different needs and gaps, and CKOs have to identify those for themselves," he says.
Maybe the time will soon come when we will see librarians as CKOs.
CIOs and CKOs at organizations with five content management systems, three or four document management systems, multiple search systems and several e-mail messaging systems know exactly what I mean.