CKOSCustom Kemps of Sweden (est. 1989)
CKoSComplete Kingdom of Slash (website)
CKOSCentra Knowledge Object Studio (recording software)
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The rise of IT over the last 10 years brought with it the evolution of MIS managers to IT VPs to CIOs and CKOs (chief knowledge officers), whose power and importance extend deep into the enterprise.
Some organizations have an executive-level CIO, a chief information officer; fewer organizations have CLOs, chief learning officers, or CKOs, chief knowledge officers.
The subscription provides a multi-client study of 12 companies; case studies of knowledge leadership in action; video and audio presentations by knowledge leaders from leading government agencies and corporations; and annotated interviews with knowledge leaders, including CKOs, knowledge managers, and directors of intellectual capital.
The magazine is targeted at CEOs, VPs, and senior-line business managers as well as information executives, including CIOs and CKOs (Chief Knowledge Officers), of large and midsize enterprise organizations.