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CL1Congestion Level 1 (network management)
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Significant correlation coefficients for the clones IPA and OEM were obtained of the production variables (IPA: DMY, DMC and CFB; OEM: DMY, DMC, CFB and CDB) with plant morphology (IPA: PW, NC2 and NC3; OEM: PW, NC1 and NC2) and cladode morphology (IPA: CL2, CTB, CT3 and CP2; OEM: CLB, CL1, CW1, CTB, CT2 and CAB).
The CL1 Ceramic combines two transducer technologies to exert unprecedented levels of control over an extended frequency range that has also been engineered for bass and midrange accuracy along with precise upper frequency and harmonic tones.
Clusters Kansei needs adjectives CL1 Modern Outstanding Exquisite Classy Coordinating Harmonious CL2 Speedy Lively Plump Fluent Energetic Sportive CL3 Futuristic Special Abrupt Abstract Tensional Simple CL4 Manly Hard Powerful CL5 Bright Vivid Striking Beautiful CL6 Free Integral Decent Clusters Kansei needs adjectives CL1 Innovative Elaborate Precise Technological Orderly CL2 Mellow Glossy Organic Dynamic Saponaceous Agile CL3 Bionic Distinct Avantgarde CL4 Heavy Overbearing CL5 Likeable Gorgeous Comic CL6 Fickle Figure 1: A typical NDSM.
Within the CL1 and CL2 portfolios, we find that the differences in the value-weighted and equally weighted raw returns of the high and low idiosyncratic volatility portfolios are negative and statistically significant at conventional levels, and the differences are larger in magnitude for the CL1 portfolio.
where CL1, V1, CL2 and V2 are the individual central compartment clearance rate, the central compartment distribution volume, the peripheral compartment clearance rate and the peripheral compartment distribution volume in the population, respectively.
22) V1 (l) 10,4 4,56 9,16 V2 (l) 20,2 9,28 18,98 V3(l) 164 58,04 116,58 CL1 (l/min) 0,68 0,542 0,568 CL2 (l/min) 1,16 0,51 1,044 CL3 (l/min) 0,52 0,192 0,384 Parametro Short Schuttler e Rigby-Jones Murat et al.
The top 10 most significant delay factors for traditional building projects as identified in the survey were in sequence of CS3, P4, CL1, P3, DT1, CS2, CL4, CS5, E6, and CO3.
El estimador c, tuvo valores que fluctuaron de 0,883 a 1,899, presentandose el mayor valor en el clon CL1 y en menor en el clon CL2.
Land use systems such as NTS and CL1, which use crop rotation together with cover crops and pasture, can increase POM levels (Liebig et al.
The second-stage trials showed "remarkable success" at treating patients with CL1, according to the researchers.
perhaps for a robbery p is one-tenth, or CL1 (one bullet, ten chambers), then the expected harm from the Russian roulette game the criminal will be forced to play is "one-tenth death.
02, and the partial sequencing of the nuclear calmodulin gene was based on the amplicon generated by PCR reaction by using CL1 and CL2A primers (2,3).