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CL1Congestion Level 1 (network management)
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Using Sony's Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) technology, this processing system allows the MPA[degrees] CL1 to project images at HD resoA[degrees] lution and enables focusA[degrees]free projection as well as seamless viewing, even on uneven surfaces.
Within the CL1 and CL2 portfolios, we find that the differences in the value-weighted and equally weighted raw returns of the high and low idiosyncratic volatility portfolios are negative and statistically significant at conventional levels, and the differences are larger in magnitude for the CL1 portfolio.
At depths of 5-10 and 10-20cm, TOC levels were greater under CL1 than NTS or the Cerradao (Fig.
This is a major overhaul of historic federal budgeting processes where budget submissions in agencies typically contained all the "bells and whistles" necessary to reach the equivalent of CL1 regardless of the desires of higher managers or the priorities of headquarters level program staff.
The Alcineo CL1 layer is a compact but fully-featured communication stack, implementing the digital element of the EMV contactless communication protocol.
Eleven hearths or depositional features related to hearths were identified: two of them in CL1, seven in CL2, one in CL3 and one in CL4.
Total quantity or scope: CL1 - Rehabilitation of sewerage network, Grivitei neighborhood, mun.
today announced CL1, a 90V Light Emitting Diode (LED) driver IC that provides a constant 20mA current over the temperature range that offers system designers with a very simple approach to solving their offline LED driver needs.
Total quantity or scope: Provider will provide technical assistance services for the supervision of 2 (two) works contracts: CL1 drinking water treatment stations in the localities Buzau and Sapoca: construction work for the design and execution of four water treatment plants (South Buzau with a capacity of 100 l / s, Buzau Sugar with a capacity of 200 l / s, Buzau East with a capacity of 40 l / s, Sapoca with a capacity of 20 l / s) to reduce the concentration of iron and manganese, so drinking water Distributed consumers to meet drinking water standards and requirements in terms of quality set by the European Directive 98/83 / EC and transposed into legislation in Romania by Law 458/2002 on drinking water quality, amended by Law 311/2004, Ordinance 11/2010 and Ordinance 1/2011)