CL3Containment Level 3
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for COII-GPY]) were used: TcI (SilvioX10 cl4, EU302222.1-Silvio10cl1-AY540730.1), TcII (Esmeraldo cl3, AF359035.1-AY540728.1), TcIII (M6241 cl6, AF359032.1- AY484478.1), TcIV (CANIII cl1-AF359030.1), TcV (Mn cl2, DQ343718.1-AY484480.1), and TcVI (CL Brener, DQ343645.1-XM_815802.1).
Other variables, such as the trace width [w.sub.6] and the trace-to-trace separation [d.sub.6] of line #6, and some lumped elements as, e.g., RS1, CL3, L7, C7, RS1b, have a smaller effect on the variability of the response [absolute value of ([H.sub.1])].
2006); CL2 and CL3 have affinity for different hydrophobic amino acids in the amino-terminal side of the scissile bond, CL3 for Leu and lie, whereas CL2 has preference for Pro, lie, and Val, in addition to affinity for hydrophobic amino acids and the CL1 cleavage in polar amino acids Gin and Thr too (Bibo-Verdugo et al.
perto a cultura 0,000 local CL3 As pessoas foram 0,854 receptivas e amistosas Renovacao--Adaptado de Kim, Ritchie e Mccormick (2010) R1 Experimentou uma 0,789 Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin sensacao de Measure of Sampling desprendimento Adequacy : 0,779 Bartlett's Test of R2 Experimentou uma 0,859 Sphericity: Sig.
(3) "Futuristic" has no connection with "abrupt" in CL3, which means they may conflict in expressing Kansei needs.
A percepcao que os vendedores possuem dos clientes e representada pelas variaveis independentes CL1 (entendimento); CL2 (interesse); CL3 (comprometimento); CL4 (confianca); CL5 (corretos); CL6 (lealdade); e CL7 (compreensao).
He asks for 'a book on Russia--recent--serious,' and then explains more fully: 'I want something on the political and social aspect of the White Empire, from the French point of view' (CL3, 204-5).
Nonuse and use of outside appraisers = cl + c2 return on assets + c3 Tobin's q+ c4 sales volume percent change + c5 interest-bearing debt ratio + c6 natural logarithm (In) total assets + c7foreign stock ownership ratio + c8 shareholding ratio of financial institutions + c9 shareholding ratio of general business companies + cl 0 land asset percentage change + cl 1 investment property/ total assets + cl2 investment property unrealized profit/total assets + cl3 audit corporation dummy +e (1) Basic Approach to Definition and Description of the Variables
Thellung et al., "The activation of the phosphotyrosine phosphatase eta (r-PTP eta) is responsible for the somatostatin inhibition of PC Cl3 thyroid cell proliferation," Journal of MolecularEndocrinology,vol.