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CLA received its third Boeing 747 freighter in May this year, which facilitated the airline to move ahead with its plan to launch its maiden scheduled route.
The car includes two models, the CLA 180 Urban, and the CLA 180.
Foods originated from ruminant animals (such as dairy products and meats) are the rich source of CLA.
Regarding egg quality for the consumer, Ahn et al [16] reported that dietary CLA increased the firmness of hard-cooked egg yolk, making the yolks rubbery and elastic, which may reduce their acceptability.
Going forward, the CLA has a massive role to play in the Mercedes model range, with huge appeal in growing markets like China.
CLA North regional director Dorothy Fairburn said: "We support the ambition to make it possible for people to buy and own their own home, but in rural areas in the North, housing is scarce and expensive.
The locally produced CLA 200 CDI Style is priced at INR3,070,000 while the petrol CLA 200 Sport is priced at INR3,290,000.
But there are subtle changes - the CLA has been designed with marginally softer damper settings for a more comfy ride and a more subdued exhaust soundtrack to give the CLA a more mature performance.
For instance, a lower height and stretched coupe-style roofline plus sweeping beltline are key features of a car that offers significantly more headroom than the CLA.
At stakeholder meetings with the Welsh Government, usually there were 15 or more environmental interest groups present, leaving CLA Cymru as often the only body speaking out for landowners.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 30, 2014-Avation boosts further CLA voting stake
New Delhi, July 22 -- German auto giant Mercedes-Benz has launched its CLA 45 AMG compact performance sedan in India at Rs 68.