CLACChristian Labour Association of Canada
CLACCentre de Lecture et d'Animation Culturelle (French: Center for Reading and Cultural Activity; Cameroon)
CLACConvergence des Luttes Anti-Capitalistes (Canada)
CLACCivil Liberties Action Committee (Guyana)
CLACCentral Laboratory for Agricultural Climate
CLACComunità per le Libere Attività Culturali
CLACCanal Lands Advisory Committee
CLACLight Attack Craft Carrier (Honor Harrington science fiction novels)
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If you want to be one of the first CLAC Belt owners, you need to visit the project[acute accent]s website and pledge for a reward.
This article explores the recent strategic trajectory of CLAC and seeks to contribute to the understanding of such an extreme form of accommodationist unionism, CLAC is often characterized as an accommodationist, or "company," union--an opportunistic, pariah organization that allows employers who would otherwise face a "real" union (i.
In this article I take up two of these issues: the overall goal of CLAC programs and the related topic of the necessary conditions for rigorous and informative research of these programs.
To date, CLAC and Whitefish have partnered to deliver three pre-employment construction and pre-employment scaffold training programs in the community.
CLAC argues that holding a peaceful gathering is a right within the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Sin al-Fil's CLAC library will also host a "Werner Herzog event," celebrating the eccentric German director's work with a screening of his 1993 documentary "Bells from the Deep" about Russian mysticism.
The Anti-Capitalist Convergence - CLAC - that shook our leftist world, formed a generation of anti-globalization activists and made herstory and history as a radical, antiauthoritarian coalition that organized on several fronts in Montreal and Quebec between 2000 and 2004.
The new CLAC will continue to utilize small-group advocacy exercises and mock trials, so the course will remain "invitation only" on ATRRS to allow management of slots.
More good news: Within the past year, EDUCAUSE has begun a new data-sharing project, Core Data Service, drawing on the expertise developed in previous projects (Smallen of COSTS and Martin Ringle of CLAC participated in the EDUCAUSE advisory group that designed the project), and incorporating Lessons Learned from the years-earlier CAUSE Institutional Database Service (ID) project.
LA CHRISTIAN LABOUR ASSOCIATION of Canada (CLAC) a historiquement eu une prAaAaAeA@sence relativement faible dans le mouvement syndical du Canad L'augmentation de l'intAaAaAeA@rAaAaAeA t pour la CLAC au cours de la derniAaAaAeA?
Capitol's common stock, units and warrants, which are currently traded on NASDAQ under the symbols CLAC, CLACU and CLACW, will continue to be traded on NASDAQ under the symbols LIND, LINDU and LINDW.