CLACChristian Labour Association of Canada
CLACClergy and Laity Concerned
CLACCentre de Lecture et d'Animation Culturelle (French: Center for Reading and Cultural Activity; Cameroon)
CLACConvergence des Luttes Anti-Capitalistes (Canada)
CLACCivil Liberties Action Committee (Guyana)
CLACCentral Laboratory for Agricultural Climate
CLACComunità per le Libere Attività Culturali
CLACCanal Lands Advisory Committee
CLACCaulfield Little Athletics Centre (Australia)
CLACClean, Lubricate, Adjust, and Check (camera repair)
CLACLight Attack Craft Carrier (Honor Harrington science fiction novels)
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If you want to be one of the first CLAC Belt owners, you need to visit the project[acute accent]s website and pledge for a reward.
This article explores the recent strategic trajectory of CLAC and seeks to contribute to the understanding of such an extreme form of accommodationist unionism, CLAC is often characterized as an accommodationist, or "company," union--an opportunistic, pariah organization that allows employers who would otherwise face a "real" union (i.e., traditional, militant) a convenient union-avoidance alternative, CLAC'S presence must not, however, be reduced to a functionalist accommodationism.
In this article I take up two of these issues: the overall goal of CLAC programs and the related topic of the necessary conditions for rigorous and informative research of these programs.
CLAC's Aboriginal Initiatives Program worked with the First Nation to develop a combined construction craft labour and scaffolding training program.
CLAC argues that holding a peaceful gathering is a right within the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Sin al-Fil's CLAC library will also host a "Werner Herzog event," celebrating the eccentric German director's work with a screening of his 1993 documentary "Bells from the Deep" about Russian mysticism.
For this, my first Street Politics column, I will focus on CLAC 2010, because it has the potential to fuel a new era of anti-capitalist struggles in Quebec and the capacity to infuse our movements with new tools, analyses, and strategies.
Because of the high demand, the CLAC has been transformed into a one-week course that will be offered four times a year (instead of a two-week course offered twice a year).
Inventor Noel Thompson, a Rochester Hills-based technology entrepreneur, has chosen Tanner Friedman Strategic Communications to promote Clik Clac, (Calculated Link Associated Commerce), a new concept in merging TV, Internet and home-shopping.