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CLADCross-Cultural Language and Academic Development
CLADCertified LabVIEW Associate Developer (graphical programming)
CLADClear Language and Design
CLADCell Assembly/ Disassembly
CLADCollectif de Libération Animale de Dijon (French: Collective Animal Liberation of Dijon; Dijon, France)
CLADCommunity Leadership and Development (Uganda Christian University)
CLADCentre de la Linguistique Appliquée de Dakar (French)
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This latest award further validates the significant impact that our CermaClad technology can have on improving production times, quality, cost efficiencies, and deepwater installation of clad pipes, greatly benefiting the rapidly growing $4 billion metal cladding industry," said Robert Miller, CEO of Abakan.
Loom Clad is the most contemporary aluminum based permanent cladding that saves both time and money.
In contrast with the other techniques, the GTAW method costs less and can rapidly form a thick clad layer with metallurgical bonding between the clad layer and the substrate.
Those figures highlight the speed influence for the appareance of the clad track.
For the purpose of using main equipment of the 20-ton ESR furnace it was assumed that mass of the clad metal of each layer had to be the same for all diameters and be equal to the mass of the initial ingot (20 t).
He warns that cooking at high temperatures with stainless-steel, clad or otherwise, increases the likelihood that these metals--some of which can be toxic in higher doses--will leach into food.
A new line of high-tech copper and zinc-titanium clad roofing tiles, the Prestige and ZT lines, offer tremendous design possibilities together with a long, maintenance-free life.
The nearly invisible TruScreen insect screen is available on Andersen's clad 400 series windows; Marvin makes an aluminum-clad venting picture window.
There is a second benefit--retaining and promoting Peter Cameron, an outstanding executive who helped build such value into All Clad.
With scantly clad snowbunnies serving as the gates along the course.
Compelling evidence is now surfacing that moisture intrusion--especially in the wall cavity--is a universal problem that is as likely to damage homes sided with stucco, brick, wood and vinyl as homes clad with EIFS.
Soffer concludes that some Venus figurines were "richly and elaborately clad in the woven and plaited finery of their time.