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By accepting a new genus Magallana [type species Crassostrea gigas (Thunberg, 1793)] for a clade of Pacific Crassostrea, and by rejecting the genus Talonostrea (Li and Qi, 1994) [type species Talonostrea talonata (Li and Qi, 1994)] for the Pacific sister clade Magallana, WoRMS has effectively rendered the (Atlantic) genus Crassostrea paraphyletic.
These estimates suggest that the 3 clades were probably already diverged before RRV entered the region, as indicated by Szanto et al.
In the Clade II of the phylogenetic tree; all the sequences of H.
Liu's clades B, C, D, F, G, H, and I were not found in Turkish and Iranian chicken populations under study.
According to these authors, the Ficinia clade comprises Desmoschoenus Hook, fi, Ficinia Schrad.
This data was obtained for each species and clade and tested in relation to general averages using ANOVA to species comparison and t test to clades.
hotsoni into three geographic groups from north to south in eastern and southeastern Iran for morphometric analyses which were in accordance with two of three phylogenetic clades.
Most haplotypes of Cyprinella were recovered in two strongly supported clades (Fig.