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"Gay and lesbian theory has become the cutting edge," says Framji Minwalla, chair of the board of directors at CLAGS, who will teach a gay and lesbian theater class at Dartmouth this winter.
It wasn't until 1991, when CLAGS was made an official graduate school center, that I was finally able to teach what I wanted.
CLAGS, home to queer thinkers both "journalistic" and "academic," is the de facto discursive beehive of this debate--a debate superseding other recent issues that have divided the gay intellectual community (gays in the military and same-sex marriage leap immediately to mind) as the hot-button topic du jour.
Under Duberman's stewardship, CLAGS has been a sane and thoughtful place for "realness" in gay and lesbian thought and education.
The social constructionist position, of which Foucault is certainly the grandfather, has obviously become the entrenched outlook at CLAGS in the past decade.
Thanks to director Urvashi Vaid, the Arcus Foundation elected to provide that support by granting CLAGS a $50,000 grant to create the site and fund it for two years.
So I contacted him and offered to migrate much of my work on the Tangents website to the new site at CLAGS. The result is my own OutHistory module, "Pre-Gay Era in the USA: 1950-1969." With the physical archives of the HIC housed at the Oviatt Library of California State University, Northridge, and the virtual archives being hosted through CLAGS, the GLBT scholars of the future will have ready access to the files, books, and documents collected by ONE, Incorporated and others over the past 60 years.
Join the Lambda Literary Foundation and support CLAGS. Send a tax deductible contribution to the Homosexual Information Center, or support your local GLBT community center by helping them to establish a library or reading room.
He founded the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS), wrote Cures: A Gay Man's Odyssey in 1991 and Stonewall in 1993, not to mention many others, including plays such as In White America (1964), biographies of Paul Robeson and Charles Frances Adams, among others, and compilations of essays about politics and sexuality.