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CLAIMSComputer Linked Application Information Management Systems
CLAIMSComputer Linked Automated Information Management System
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Nope, but I got a hunch," was the retort, "and I tell you-all it's cheaper than dirt to ride her at the rate of three plugs for three claims.
She bought other claims from discouraged miners, traded or sold them on percentages.
The best policy, he suggested, was to withdraw their claims and make a settlement.
As regarded the appropriation of the soil, the facility of communication, the rapidity of transport, the claims of both States were evenly balanced.
Even the States which brought forward claims, in contradiction to ours, seemed more solicitous to dismember this State, than to establish their own pretensions.
Harriet's claims to marry well are not so contemptible as you represent them.
We not only grant that claim, but we welcome it and strongly endorse it.
Nay, I absolutely claim a property in all such sentiments the moment they are transcribed into my writings, and I expect all readers henceforwards to regard them as purely and entirely my own.
Under these circumstances, what family claim had Captain Wragge on Mrs.
It seems, then, requisite for the establishment of a state, that all, or at least many of these particulars should be well canvassed and inquired into; and that virtue and education may most justly claim the right of being considered as the necessary means of making the citizens happy, as we have already said.
Only in this case I claim to take the place of the Countess Lucille, my wife.
Will had given a disinterested attention to an intended settlement on a new plan in the Far West, and the need for funds in order to carry out a good design had set him on debating with himself whether it would not be a laudable use to make of his claim on Bulstrode, to urge the application of that money which had been offered to himself as a means of carrying out a scheme likely to be largely beneficial.