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CLAMCredit Lyonnais Asset Management (Credit Lyonnais SA)
CLAMCerebellar Atrophy with Progressive Microcephaly
CLAMCarrefour de Liaison et d'Aide Multiethnique (French: Crossroads Connection and Multiethnic Support; Canada)
CLAMCall Assignment Message
CLAMCost Less All Materials
CLAMCommercial Leasing Action Message
CLAMCongressional Left, Academia, Media (political term by Jeff Cooper)
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Population structure, growth and production of the yellow clam Mesodesma mactroides (Bivalvia: Mesodesmatidae) from a high-energy, temperate beach in northern ArgentinaHelgoland Marine Research, vol.
Electro-pulse fishing uses a current to stun razor clams from the seabed.
In yesterday morning's drama, Conwy Council said its food safety team had received complaints that people have been gathering razor clams from the beach off Llanfairfechan in recent days.
This in turn allows the clam to move quickly through the sand.
When matured, the clam will be deployed to MFI's marine protected areas north of Palawan.
Say Kem San, another clam farmer and trader, said on Monday that he too buys clams from local fishermen to support their livelihood and prevent Vietnamese traders from buying them.
The restaurant's cioppino ($22) is a solid take on the San Francisco classic, with a filling selection of mussels, clams, shrimp and cod in a rust-red tomato broth that's perfect for sopping up with Speaks' toasty-warm bread.
Hard clam aquaculture in the United States has historically been free of significant diseases causing morbidity and mortality; however, in 1995, high morbidity and mortality were noted in 1.5 to 2-y-old cultured hard clams in Provincetown and Duxbury, MA.
The result, I'm happy to say, was that those sidelined fishers turned their attention to aquaculture and to farming quahog clams.
"It's a plumper clam," said Butch Yamali, the founder of The Dover Group, whose restaurants and catering facilities include Peter's Clam Bar.
The giant clam tubular system is an organ that functions specifically in symbiosis, similarly to the light organ of E.
The best clams for this recipe are the small kind, such as cherrystones or even littlenecks.