CLAMOCenter for Law and Military Operations (US Army JAG Corps)
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15, 2014) (requiring the user to set up an account); CLAMO, https://www.
Additionally, CLAMO will develop an AAR, which can found in its document repository.
With the ever-changing operational environments of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Operation Unified Response in Haiti, CLAMO recognized the need to disseminate the most recent guidance from judge advocates who advised leaders at the forefront of these operations.
The IDRs do not necessarily represent the views of CLAMO or The Judge Advocate General's Corps, or have the full endorsement of the leadership of each individual commentator's organization.
To obtain hard copies of these publications for your office, please e-mail CLAMO at clamo@conus.
25) Reports by CLAMO noted the continuation of this practice throughout the first two years of Afghanistan: "Cases involving more serious misconduct were transferred to the United States for prosecution due, in part, to the austere conditions in Afghanistan.
14) Some of the comments from these after action reports can also be found in four CLAMO publications: (1) Legal Lessons Learned from Afghanistan and Iraq, Volume 1; (2) Lessons Learned from Afghanistan and Iraq, Volume 2; (3) Forged in the Fire: Legal Lessons Learned During Military Operations 1994-2008; and (4) Tip of the Spear: After Action Reports from July 2008-August 2009.
9) Memorandum, Director, The Center for Law and Military Operations (CLAMO), to Director, TJAGLCS, subject: Initial After Action Review, 2006 CLAMO Observer/Controller (O/C) Conference (7 Dec.
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