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CLAMPClimate Leaf Analysis Multivariate Program
CLAMPCapitol Lake Adaptive Management Plan (Washington)
CLAMPContinuous Look Attack Management for Predator (US Air Force)
CLAMPClosed-Loop Aeronautical Management Program
CLAMPClosed Loop Aeronautical Materials Program
CLAMPContact Lens and Myopia Progression (clinical study; Optometry)
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The clamp gasket can be configured in a number of sizes and shapes.
But the clamp helps the polymerase to stay in place, allowing it to copy thousands of bases before being removed from the strand of DNA," Hedglin said.
Homemade clamp jacks raise your pipe clamps off the bench so the handles turn freely and there's plenty of room underneath for alignment cauls and clamps.
Clamp type: Horizontal, toggle, servo electric pump drive Clamp-size range: 65 to 2400 tons Injection unit: Hydraulic, reciprocating screw
This is cost-effective approach which uses off-line optimisation of the clamps location and on-line adjustment of clamping forces.
Top clamp and snuggers, two primary clamping systems, operate slightly differently in providing the mechanism to hold the board.
In addition, because the cushions allow for varying compressions, the same size clamp can accommodate multiple bundle diameters.
THIS month, Dremel launches a new range of easy-release, lightweight clamps for DIYers.
The snap lock cable clamp is designed to be preassembled on wire, cable or hose for easier installation.
Fixtureworks has launched a new series of Imao swing clamps that provide approximately five times the clamping force of Imao's standard swing clamp configurations.
sanitary clamp with a wrench until the proper torque value is reached.
According to the company, most fittings need to be secured to hose or tubing with a clamp.