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CLAPCARD (Capased Activation and Recruitment Domain)-Like Apoptotic Protein
CLAPCleft Lip and Palate (physical deformity)
CLAPChildhood Lead Action Project
CLAPComité de Liaison des Acteurs de la Promotion (French public service organization consortium)
CLAPContact Laser Ablation of the Prostate
CLAPC++ Library Actor Programming
CLAPClear, loud, As an order, with Pauses
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Kami was chosen by the BBDO to lead the campaign on the social media, at local and international level through the clap that is associated with the transgender .
Other fans had a go at those who moan about the clap banners.
Scottish National Party ex-student Ms Black called the claps ban "senseless".
To increase the atmosphere, Devils will be handing out clap banners to the first 1,500 people through the doors.
purpuratus adults possessed reduced escape capacities (by 16% and 17%, clap number and clapping time, respectively); however, both adult and juvenile scallops had a reduced capacity to recuperate their initial clap number (18% and 23%, respectively) and clapping rate (21% and 17%, respectively).
jonbol clap and clap loud booing gives you nothing but a sore throat
Gradually, the claps were faster and faster and faster and Banks would take off down the runway.
At the very end, the dancer made the audience clap and snap fingers, and then let them continue unaided, waving his hands as if to signal for us to 'carry on' while they signed out after a good night's job.
Me acerque para descifrar lo que farfullaba: Como no, he dictado ya dos libros de cuentos, uno para ninos, otro para adultos, y estoy preparando dos nuevas obras que ya tengo trazadas, clap clap clap.
A Chinese man, who can clap his hands nearly as loud as a helicopter, is hoping to get into the record books.
A natural way to express such approval may be for all to clap, making this kind of applause appropriate.
If you aren't sure that everybody saw what you did, then clap for yourself or give yourself a rap inspired shout out.