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Aye, aye, I thought as much, soliloquized Stubb, when the boats diverged, as soon as I clapt eye on 'em, I thought so.
As for getting off, when we had enough of it, and had washed our decks down pretty well, we called all hands, for, d’ye see, the watch below was in their hammocks, all the same as if they were in one of your best bedrooms; and so we watched for a smooth time, clapt her helm hard a weather, let fall the foresail, and got the tack aboard; and so, when we got her afore it, I ask you, Mistress Prettybones, if she didn’t walk?
Wigglesworth was on his death-bed; and thus it fell that my spirited young friend of the night before, whistling to his dog, cooly clapt his hat on his head and bade the messenger--whom he styled "my son," although that personage was old enough to be his grandfather--go on before, and convey to Mr.
The foul disease is so prevailing grown So much the Fashion of the Court and Town, That scarce a man is well-bred, in either's deem'd; But who has kill'd, been clapt, and often rhim'd: The fools are troubled with the Flux of Brains, And each, on Paper, squirts his filthy sense: A leash of Sonnets, and of dull Lampoon Set up an author, who forthwith is grown A Man of Parts, of Rhiming and Renown.
Some of them were so violent that they would have a slice with scabbard and all for haste, until an old Souldier, (of the Queen's, as the Proverb is) that was there by accident, clapt his gun under the weapons, and sharply rebuked these Worthies for their unworthy practices.
SHELDON (75) - Inge 18, Poole 17, McKee 15, Baltzer 9, Besaw 8, Clapt 4, McColl 2, Matney 2, Erwin
In Smollett's Humphry Clinker, published in 1771, about four years before Gainsborough made his sketch, the maidservant Winifred Jenkins writes a characteristically misspelt letter about her encounter after bathing in Loch Lomond: We bathed in our birthday soot, after the fashion of the country; and behold, whilst we dabbled in the loff, Sir George Coon stated up with a gun; but we clapt our hands to our faces, and passed by him to the place where we had left our smocks ....
It has been Cur'd by a Red-hot Iron clapt to the Heal of him that is sick, so close that it renders him uneasie by its nearness, whereby it leaves a Scar behind it.' (46)
In the case of this first meeting with Charles, for example, the rhetoric of "sprightly fires" of "true passion" (35) is punctured by Fanny's irresistible urge to gloat at "having clapt up such a bargain with a perfect stranger" (50).
Mother wept, and father sighed; With delight a-glow Cried the lad, "To-morrow," cried "To the pit I go." Up and down the place he sped,-- Greeted old and young; Far and wide the tidings spread,-- Clapt his hands and sung.