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CLARChannel Local Address Register
CLARCentral Laboratory for Aquaculture Research
CLARConker Live and Reloaded (gaming)
CLARComputer Assisted Legal Research
CLARCrude Liquid Argon
CLARCustom Location Alternate Routing
CLARCommunications Loading Analysis Report
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Their initiatives are very innovative in nature and will help to change the healthcare scenario of our country", emphasized Clar Weah, the First Lady of Liberia and Ambassador of Merck More Than a Mother.
About Sam Clar: Sam Clar Office Furniture is a full service contract furniture dealership, operating in the San Francisco bay area since 1939.
The [euro]1.5million boost will aid the purchase of vehicles by voluntary organisations in CLAR areas.
Rams Head argued that this coverage grant obligates Harleysville to defend it because the Clar and Castle complaints alleged the plaintiffs not only had a right to occupy the private restroom at the Rams Head Tavern, but Muehlhauser - acting on behalf of Rams Head - invaded that right of private occupancy by his video surveillance.
In Section 2, we show that the Clar number for a fullerene on surface [SIGMA] is bounded above by ([absolute value of V]/6) - [chi]([SIGMA]) and give some other useful results.
The pope's purported remarks came during a June 6 meeting with top officials of the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of Religious Men and Women (CLAR).
(Time slips by, loving memories stay, happy 75th Birthday Clar, on your special day.) - Loving wife Nita.
A unique light installation by James Clar will also inaugurate Gallery One.
American artist James Clar's sound and light installations figure prominently in Rolex Towers
Laura Gates Galvin author; David Austin Clar illustrator; AT THE FARM; Studio Mouse (Special Note) $0.00 ISBN: 9781590694848
Philip Malin and Bob Onions; Dr Kevin Jones; John Sergeant; David Strudley; John Brierley; Richard Barrett; David Baron; Stephen Tilsley; Tony Clar; Barry Higgott; Debbie Peters; Mike Weller; Sally Anne Briggs; Daniel Broadhurst; Dawn Hazle; Mark Wilson; Luigi Biffacelli; Nick Goodenough; Peter Davies; Richard Cliff
Este trabajo describe la determinacion del estabilizador ultravioleta Tinuvin 622 u homologos (polimero de 4-hidroxi-2,2,6,6-tetrametil-1-piperidina etanol) en muestras de polietileno, por cromatografia liquida de alta resolucion (CLAR), tanto en fase normal como en fase reversa.