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CLAREContact Lens-Induced Acute Red Eye
CLARECloud Lidar and Radar Experiment (Chibolton Observatory; UK)
CLARECommunity Living for Alcoholics through Rehabilitation and Education (Santa Monica, CA, USA)
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It was ordered by Mr Angel Clare, and should have been sent to him.
So we find Angel Clare at six-and-twenty here at Talbothays as a student of kine, and, as there were no houses near at hand in which he could get a comfortable lodging, a boarder at the dairyman's.
Here Clare had plenty of space, and could often be heard by the dairy-folk pacing up and down when the household had gone to rest.
Clare, as usual, first shifted his own character as Frank's father on Mr.
Clare, with the icy composure of a disinterested friend.
Francis Clare departed for the north of England, at the age of seventeen, to start in life as a civil engineer.
Clare had some of the eccentricities of puritan piety.
Clare has been accused of incapacity on this occasion; I can at least testify that this action, properly understood, was one of the most brilliant and sagacious of his life.
Clare," he said, "came of a family in which madness was hereditary; and his whole aim was to keep this from his daughter, and even, if possible, from his future son-in-law.
Clare was "talking about" going away down to Orleans with her cousin; and of course the whole village could do no less than help this very important process of taking about the matter.
Clare,--gay, easy, unpunctual, unpractical, sceptical,--in short,--walking with impudent and nonchalant freedom over every one of her most cherished habits and opinions?
Clare, who was in heart a poetical voluptuary, smiled as Miss Ophelia made her remark on his premises, and, turning to Tom, who was standing looking round, his beaming black face perfectly radiant with admiration, he said,