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CLARETClayoquot Alliance for Research, Education and Training (University of Victoria; Canada)
CLARETCorpus Linguistics Advanced Research Education and Training (UK)
CLARETCloud Lidar and Radar Exploratory Test
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"My aunt's claret is worthy of my aunt," he said, with comic gravity, as he set down the glass.
But there he sat; and in his old seat on the opposite side of the room reclined Sir Mulberry Hawk, with his legs upon the cushion, and his handkerchief thrown negligently over his knees: finishing his magnum of claret with the utmost coolness and indifference.
Sir Mulberry took several turns up and down the room, whistling carelessly all the time; stopped to finish the last glass of claret which he had poured out a few minutes before, walked again, put on his hat, adjusted it by the glass, drew on his gloves, and, at last, walked slowly out.
Being an invalid, Joseph Sedley contented himself with a bottle of claret besides his Madeira at dinner, and he managed a couple of plates full of strawberries and cream, and twenty-four little rout cakes that were lying neglected in a plate near him, and certainly
I have not inquired among my medical acquaintance, whether Turtle, and cold Punch, with Hock, Champagne, and Claret, and all the slight et cetera usually included in an unlimited order for a good dinner - especially when it is left to the liberal construction of my faultless friend, Mr.
Then, too, there was a meaty fisherman's stew, delicious with garlic, and crusty Italian bread without butter, and all washed down with pint mugs of thick and heady claret.
"Claret, George?" said the admiral, pushing the bottle across the table.
These family anxieties don't improve the flavor of my old claret. The bottle stands with you.
There is that delicate blossom who can't drink any claret under ninety-four, and who would as soon think of dining off cat's meat as off plain roast mutton.
A white or very pale blue shirt with claret shorts and claret socks appears to be the away kit along with a third kit in green with black shorts and socks.
Ali Sajwani, General Manager of Operations at DAMAC Properties said, "AKOYA is a very special project, and we are thrilled to welcome the first residents to their modern townhouses in Claret. AKOYA offers a carefully designed master plan that will make residents feel one with nature in more ways than one.