CLASAConfederación Latinoamericana de Sociedades de Anestesiología
CLASACorporate Lawyers Association of South Africa
CLASACarney Latin American Solidarity Archive (University of Detroit Mercy; Detroit, MI)
CLASACouncil of Library Administrators of South Australia (Australia)
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Since Chisinevschi himself had to go to Poland, he proposed--upon Leonte Rautu's advice--that Stefan Voicu (a PMR Central Committee member and editor of Lupta de clasa) take on the task of drafting the report.
He straightforwardly defined the bourgeoisie as a 'discussing class,' una clasa discutidora.
"I met Salvador because his father, Santiago Elizondo Pani, one of the most important figures during the golden age of Mexican film--he ran Clasa Films Mundiales--worked with my father, Raul Lavista, who was a conductor and composer of film scores.
Tabla I Politicas cinematograficas mas importantes impulsadas por los gobiernos mexicanos:1936-1990 Ano Politicas cinematograficas Presidente 1936 Financiacion de los Estudios Lazaro Cinematograficos CLASA Cardenas 1939 Decreto de cuota de pantalla 1941 Creacion del Banco Nacional Manuel Avila Cinematografico (dependiente Camacho del Banco de Mexico) Decreto de Supervision Cinematografica 1945 Creacion de la Compania distribuidora Peliculas Mexicanas (Pelmex).
As part of the roster of "exclusive artists" of CLASA Films, Mexico's most important film studio, Mapy Cortes quickly became one of the Mexican film industry's top movie stars, starring in five commercially successful films in 1941.