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CLASPCenter for Law and Social Policy (Washington, DC)
CLASPComprehensive, Lightweight Application Security Process
CLASPCollaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program
CLASPClare Local Studies Project
CLASPConsular Lost and Stolen Passport System (US State Department)
CLASPComprehensive Logistics Automated Support Program
CLASPColumn Last Attach Solder Process (Ceramic Column Grid Array process)
CLASPComputer Languages and Systems Program
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The Ann Ong brand has been associated with minaudieres with trademark gold-plated grasshopper and semiprecious stone clasps, and bold cuffs and dramatic necklaces in natural, organic shapes.
Stacey Button and Catrina McHugh of Open Clasp Theatre Company, winner of the Small Charity of the Year Award at last year's awards.
Stacey Button and Catrina McHugh of Open Clasp, winner of the Small Charity of the Year Award with Stuart Birkett, managing director of NCJMEDIA
I contacted the Armed Forces Minister on Mr Brown's behalf and explained why I believed he deserved and qualified for the Bomber Command Clasp.
Medal clasps are important reminders to further family generations of what their forefathers achieved in past wars.
Those eligible must have served 60 days or more with the unit and the clasp must be fixed to the 1939 to 1945 Star which also requires 60 days.
The CLASP technology has also developed to meet the changing needs of buildings.
The initiative is led by CLASP and the American Association of Community Colleges with funding from the Ford Foundation, the Kresge Foundation, the Lumina Foundation, and the Open Society Foundations.
The report found that a bloody knife used to convict Knox had no blood on it and criticised police for mishandling a bra clasp containing DNA evidence.
They say Sollecito's DNA was found on the clasp of Meredith's bra.
The Antarctica Service Medal Clasp, with the words "Wintered Over," is only worn on medal's suspension ribbon.