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CLASTCollege of Liberal Arts, Sciences and Technologies (Gallaudet University; Washington, DC)
CLASTCollege Level Academic Skill Test
CLASTCentre for Learning and Social Transformation (Australia)
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Strata-bound conglomerates with clasts identical to those in the proximal facies occur locally within the Sam Rowe Ridge and, more rarely, the Ellen Wood Ridge Formation.
In the first type, the sandstone is covered by a thin muddy lamina (up to 1 mm thick), in which tiny clasts are only exceptionally visible (Fig.
The vesicularity of these clasts ranges from 22 to 59 vol%, a typical feature for coarse-grained strombolian deposits (cf.
Iron-rich sandstone clasts are common in the CB/C horizons, and several were observed in the >16mm fraction of the A1 horizon (Fig.
The age of the Buchans Group is based on Whiterockian conodonts recovered from carbonate clasts (Nowlan and Thurlow 1984, 1987) and U-Pb zircon ages (462 [+ or -] 3 and 465 [+ or -] 3 Ma) from the upper part of the unit (Zagorevski et al.
At the middle school and high school levels, CLAST will focus on providing the latest sophisticated technology to improve STEM education.
With mass wasting and associated physical disruption of clasts from matrix of gravel deposits, a huge volume of debris has been supplied from the headwaters and the riverbanks.
Students may take the CLAST as many times as necessary, and according to Windham, "the vast majority" pass it eventually--if not on the first try.
Lenticular goethite-enriched interlayers of conglomerate often occur, in which clasts of siltstone and silty claystone are enclosed into sandy matrix.
According to Hallet, large rocks, or clasts, commonly freeze up through the soil.
Clast type 2 has an allochem suite that is almost completely dominated by strongly aligned disarticulated and abraded thin shelled bivalves (IPosidonia) and small quantities of fine micropeloids that appear light grey in PPL.