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Now, the clay is easily penetrable, and the original hole probably pierced a bed of china clay.
These also he set in clay and when the house had been entirely completed he applied a coating of the clay to the entire outside surface to the thickness of four inches.
The A-shaped roof was thatched with small branches laid close together and over these long jungle grass and palm fronds, with a final coating of clay.
Though neither Chavon or me'll be in the market to buy it right away, with the clay pinchin' out.
Saxon knew this was the precious clay required by the brickyard.
He was too occupied with his own vision, and vividly burned before him the sordid barrenness of a poorhouse ward, where an ancient, very like what he himself would become, maundered and gibbered and drooled for a crumb of tobacco for his old clay pipe, and where, of all horrors, no sip of beer ever obtained, much less six quarts of it.
The clay pipe smoked utterly out, the old black, by aid of the crutch, with amazing celerity raised himself upstanding on his one leg and hobbled, with his hippity-hop, to the beach.
The candles revealed the fact that it was not really a precipice, but only a steep clay hill twenty or thirty feet high.
For a time they sat about, all pulling at clay pipes and chirruping and laughing in queer thin falsettos at the events of the night and the previous afternoon.
John Clay, and I agree with you that he is at the head of his profession.
We've sorrow enough in the natural way, When it comes to burying Christian clay.
From the appearance of the road it was patent that it had been used for hauling clay to the now idle brickyard.