CLBAClara Barton National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
CLBAChurch of the Lutheran Brethren of America (since 1900; Fergus Falls, Minnesota)
CLBACommercial Leasing Brokers Association (Austin, TX)
CLBACanadian Language Benchmark Assessment
CLBACountry Land and Business Association (UK)
CLBACanadian Log Builders' Association (now International Log Builders' Association; est. 1974)
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The results of CLBPT (N = 1,741) and CLBA (N = 1,139) taken by LVA clients are presented in Figure 4.
LVA Language and Vocational Assessment LINC Language Instructions for Newcomers to Canada CIC Citizenship and Immigration Canada CLB Canadian Language Benchmarks CLBA Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment CLBPT Canadian Language Benchmarks Placement Test CLBLA Canadian Language Benchmarks Literacy Assessment ELPTA Enhanced Language Training Placement Assessment
In summary, both ERA and CLBA look fair because the PSNR of a user decreases as that of the other decrease.
ERA and CLBA seem to be quite fair because the ratios of PSNR are nearly constant around 1.
On the contrary, SLBA and CLBA allocate different amount of resources to the three users by considering R-D curves.
The bargaining powers of the four users in CLBA were adjusted to ([[alpha].
On the contrary, because the ratios of ERA and CLBA are nearly constant, they seem to be fair.
That money supports the equivalent of 340 full-time conser- vation jobs, which is more than half the total number of staff employed by the Countryside Council for Wales, according to the CLBA.
CLBA Wales director Julian Salmon added, 'Shooting is now a major part of the economy, contributing pounds 1.
The CLBA says shoots contribute towards a healthy, natural diet by supplying birds and deer raised naturally and living free-range; 99% of all birds shot are destined for the food chain, with 44% going through game dealers and the rest consumed by the providers.