CLBPColor Laser Beam Printer
CLBPChronic Low Back Pain
CLBPColor Laser Beam Printer (Canon)
CLBPContact Lenses by Post (Dolland & Aitchison UK)
CLBPCardiotoxin-Like Basic Protein
CLBPChicagoland Badminton Players (Chicago, IL)
CLBPCytosolic Lipid Binding Protein (gene structure)
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Clearly there is a massive challenge; exercise is a frequently recommended intervention in clinical practice guidelines for CLBP and chiropractors commonly prescribe it; yet, patient adherence is low which impacts outcome.
and his colleagues identified randomized, controlled studies of GB or PG in CLBP.
As the CLBP disorder is a disabling condition functionally and socially, general well-being measure is also an important outcome measure to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.
15 in PLoS Medicine (14[8]:e1002369), the researchers identified randomized, controlled studies of GB or PG in CLBP.
alone suffer from CLBP with approximately 22 percent caused by degenerative disc disease.
In this study, we aimed to investigate the association of two common HTR2A gene polymorphisms, rs6313 (102 T/C) and rs6311 (1438 A/G), with CLBP and the pain threshold, disability, and sex differences.
Where sx is used to calculate CLBP sign component and mx is used to calculate CLBP magnitude component.
Maher (2004) Spinal stability exercise has been shown to improve pain and disability in CLBP.
People with CLBP usually have a greatly reduced quality of life and score significantly higher on scales for pain, disability, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.
Current best-evidence suggests a combination of education, movement and pharmacological agents is effective in decreasing pain and disability in chronic musculoskeletal conditions, including CLBP (Busch et al 2007, Ferreira et al 2007, Goldenberg 2009, Mistiaen et al 2012, Nijs et al 2010).
58) smaller CSA of LM muscle was reported for subjects of CLBP group than control group and percent thickness contraction was smaller in CLPB group.