CLBSConfigurable Logic Block
CLBSCenter for Law and Border Studies (University of Texas at El Paso)
CLBSCommercial Location-Based Services (Sprint)
CLBSCentre for Land-Based Studies (School of Services Management; Bournemouth University; UK)
CLBSCertificate in Land-Based Studies (UK)
CLBSCompany Limited by Shares
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The main purpose of this study was to investigate the effect on participants' perceptions of counselors who make versus do not make a CLBS in a simulated first counseling session.
We hoped that the results of our study would provide some suggestions for international counselors struggling with the decision of whether to make a CLBS early in a first session or perhaps delay until later in counseling.
One explanation for the seeming discrepancies in these findings and those of the present study is that the previously cited research did not specify a first-session self-disclosure, and the disclosure was not a CLBS (i.
Perhaps it would be better to wait with a detailed CLBS until toward the end of the first session, after the beginnings of a positive working alliance have transpired and the opportunity for rapport and empathy has been built (Myers & Hayes, 2006).
Therefore, the purpose of our study was to extend the research design used by Mallinckrodt and Helms (1986) to investigate the effect of CLBSs on simulated clients' perceptions.