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CLC3Combined Logistics Captains Career Course (US Army transportation and quartermaster schools)
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This left the CLC3 students pondering: Why the apathy?
Medical Service Corps (MSC) officers who chose to attend the Combined Logistics Captains' Career Course (CLC3) will remain in the MSC; however, their graduation from CLC3 will result in their being assigned 90A as a secondary AOC, and will allow them to be utilized in multifunctional logistics positions.
The branch-specific phase of CLC3 for ordnance officers will transfer to ALU in early fiscal year 2009.
The evolution toward the Logistics basic branch started with the development of the Combined Logistics Officers Advanced Course, progressed through that course's transition into CLC3, and advanced with the creation of functional area 90A for multifunctional logisticians.
The three institutional education programs for logistics officers--BOLC, CLC3, and ILE--emphasize learning doctrine and the science of logistics.
The redesigned CLC3 beginning in February will last for 20 weeks and 3 days and consist of four phases.
Officers will be inducted into the Logistics branch after graduating from CLC3.
This intermediate desktop simulation reinforces the military decision-making process taught during the tactics instruction in CLC3.
The purpose of CLC3 is to prepare logistics captains to command both functional and multifunctional companies and to serve in multifunctional logistics staff positions.